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WikiQueer Operations keeps WikiQueer's server lights blinking and our systems running fabulously

WikiQueer Operations includes all of the technical aspects of WikiQueer. Such as our web server, collection of web sites, bots, software and other elements of WikiQueer's technical infrastructure.

Operations Working Group[edit]

Our operations working group utilizes the best in brain implant technology to stay connected.

WikiQueer's Operations Working Group coordinates the technical aspects of WikiQueer never seen by editors or readers, but necessary to keeping our sites online.


These volunteers work collectively to:

  • Keep our server operating and up to date
  • Maintain the MediaWiki installations powering our wiki sites
  • Develop or install additional MediaWiki extensions as needed or requested by the WikiQueer community
  • Respond to technical requests or inquiries from the WikiQueer community
  • Represent WikiQueer at technical functions, such as Wikimedia Hackathons


WikiQueer Lead Administrator
Gregory Varnum (WikiGregory)
The representative of The Aequalitas Project trusted with access to wiki administrator and system administrator tools to manage WikiQueer.
WikiQueer Deputy Lead Administrator
Tom Morris (Tom)
Assists the Lead Administrator with the administration and management of WikiQueer and project lead for WikiQueer Maps.
WikiQueer Global Advisory Board Representatives
Guillaume Paumier (GPaumier)
Daniel Renfro (Drenfro‏‎)


This documentation is to help members of the working group in their activities. Some of these contain sensitive information that would be valuable to hackers. Therefore for security reasons, it may be documented on WikiQueer's Meta Site rather than on the public WikiQueer sites.


It's not a big truck.
It's a series of tubes.

WikiQueer's servers are web servers which we lease, specifically a niche of space on a large server, from Linode and Host4u2.


WikiQueer's Operations Working Group oversees the management and maintenance of our Linode server and the portions of the Host4u2 server used by WikiQueer and Aequalitas Project's primary website.


WikiQueer utilizes a virtual private server (VPS) owned and operated by Linode. The VPS is setup with an operating system and base system installation customized and maintained by WikiQueer. It runs nginx, Memcache, MySQL, PHP5, FastCGI, MediaWiki, WordPress, mailman, and related software running on an Ubuntu installation.


The Aequalitas Project and Host4u2 utilize shared web server space owned and operated by Host4u2. It is an Apache web server setup operating Aequalitas Project's main website and websites for the Project's other programs. WikiQueer manages The Aequalitas Project's website, running Drupal and CiviCRM, for the purpose of fundraising for WikiQueer.


WikiQueer supports and utilizes a number of open-source projects.

WikiQueer utilizes a wide variety of software to power WikiQueer's servers and sites. The software installations are maintained by WikiQueer's Operations Working Group.

Server software[edit]

Wiki software[edit]

Support sites[edit]


WikiQueer logo.svg
WikiQueer Maps text.svg
Queergle logo text.svg
WikiQueer Blog logo.svg

While the English WikiQueer is the primary WikiQueer site, there are additional websites used to assist the WikiQueer community. The servers and software for these sites is maintained by WikiQueer's Operations Working Group.

Wiki sites[edit]

Primary WikiQueer website - home of the world's queer encyclopedia and resource hub
WikiQueer Lambda Site
Used by WikiQueer's Operations Working Group to test wiki related software, such as future MediaWiki versions and MediaWiki extensions under consideration for deployment on WikiQueer
WikiQueer Meta Site
Wiki used by the Global Advisory Board and Aequalitas Project management to coordinate oversight of WikiQueer and conduct private business (such as finances and draft press releases)

Project sites[edit]

A search engine to locate content on LGBT specific websites which may serve as reliable sources for WikiQueer articles - powered by Google's Custom Search service
WikiQueer Maps
Provide maps and related information specific to the queer community - powered by OpenStreetMap and Leaflet

Support sites[edit]

WikiQueer's Blog
Blog used to publicly communicate utilizing a blog format - powered by WordPress
WikiQueer Listserv
Hosts WikiQueer mailing lists - powered by mailman
WikiQueer Test Site
Used by WikiQueer and Content Partners to house non-wikicode related content needed for WikiQueer related activities
Aequalitas Project homepage
Houses WikiQueer's fundraising platform - powered by Drupal and CiviCRM

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