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The LGBT Free Media Collective is a collaborative effort by LGBT organizations and Wikimedia projects to collect, archive and make available media files related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities.


As the base of LGBT content across wikis increases, so too does the need for media files related to the LGBT communities.

Additionally, LGBT organizations spend several thousand dollars each year on stock photography, often duplicating each other's efforts, to avoid using the same photos repeatedly. As usage of online tools and popularity of things like memes grows, again, so too does the need for free media files related to the LGBT communities.

Collectively, this means there is ample motivation for LGBT organizations around the world and for Wikimedia support projects to increase the availability of copyleft (aka free) media files related to LGBT communities.

The collective is an attempt by Wikimedians, to bring interested parties together and coordinate efforts to address the growing need for copyleft LGBT related media.

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