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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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This is a list of frequently asked questions about using and contributing to WikiQueer. If your question is not answered on this page, use the search box above or consider asking it by contacting WikiQueer.

How can I get involved?

We're thrilled that you asked!! You can start by adding a new page, contributing to any existing pages, becoming an editor or encouraging organizations you're involved with to become Content Partners. If you're feeling extra enthusiastic about WikiQueer and helping out - you can also consider joining our Global Advisory Board.

Where can I get help with editing content?

In addition to our very own help section there are also loads of resources available elsewhere online. WikiQueer runs on MediaWiki - the most popular wiki software on the Internet - and recognizes wiki markup. The most popular MediaWiki site out there is Wikipedia - and they also have a fantastic editing help section you may find useful.

How is WikiQueer managed?

Decisions on financial and programmatic aspects of the WikiQueer are determined by The Aequalitas Project based on input from WikiQueer's Global Advisory Board. This structure may change as WikiQueer continues to development based on needs of the membership and input from the Global Advisory Board - utilizing The Aequalitas Project's development process.

How did WikiQueer start?

As told by Gregory Varnum, founder of the WikiQueer and it's parent organization, The Aequalitas Project:

I'd been developing the idea for a queer specific wiki for a few years. I've helped with dozens of pages and projects on Wikipedia and helped start a number of wikis designed for queer related projects. However, I consistently came back to the need for a wiki by and for the queer community free of any organization politics or turf wars. Partly because there was some content that no other wikis, including Wikipedia, would house and also because I was increasingly frustrated at having to defend why an important transgender individual or grassroots organization was worthy of inclusion on other wikis.
In early 2011 as I was developing a new venture, The Aequalitas Project, I was actually already underway with the basis of what became WikiQueer. The timing seemed ideal to launch the project as a part of this larger project to help catapult it forward.
The decision was soon made to make WikiQueer a founding pilot program of The Aequalitas Project. Both are still in their infancy, and I hope if you're inspired by either, you will learn more about how you can contribute.

Where does WikiQueer receive its funding?

Initial resources were provided by The Aequalitas Project and VarnEnt. However, initial development of the WikiQueer depends on volunteer authors like you! Funding from foundations and individuals is also being sought to help with training, advertising and community outreach efforts. Visit The Aequalitas Project's online contribution system to make a donation in support of these efforts.

What about Wikipedia's LGBT studies WikiProject?

We have complete respect, appreciation and affection for both Wikipedia and its LGBT studies WikiProject! WikiQueer is not meant as a competitor to that project - but as a supplement. There are a number of resources designed for WikiQueer that would not meet Wikipedia's criteria. Either because of Wikipedia's justifiably more stringent citation requirements or simply falling outside the scope of Wikipedia's intent.

For example, talking points on important public policy matters would not be permitted. Nor would promotional style information on services or resources made available by LGBT organizations. There are also a number of important queer figures that have been removed repeatedly from Wikipedia whose history is recorded here without threat of deletion.

In the spirit of WikiPilipinas or WikiLosRios (or Conservapedia if you are so inclined) with a flair of MyWikiBiz - among other Wikipedia inspired projects - WikiQueer hopes to take what was started and continues to develop at Wikipedia and provide additional benefits for an audience specifically interested in all things LGBTQA.

In special recognition of the efforts of the LGBT Project and others at Wikipedia, you may notice the Wikipedia LGBT Project logo present on articles. In a similar manner to how we recognize contributions from content partners, we like to provide recognition for how important their contributions have been to this undertaking.

If you like what you see here at WikiQueer - please consider supporting the efforts of Wikipedia's LGBT studies WikiProject as well.

Why use the word queer in the title?

The Aequalitas Project was not ignorant or dismissive of the concerns and controversy surrounding the use of the word queer.

Dozens of names were considered based on input from leaders and organizations in the USA, Europe and Africa; availability of web domains; legal considerations; and marketability. An additional factor was that no one word truly represents all of the communities this project has the potential to serve. Variations on the terms gay, rainbow, LGBTQA, pink, spectrum, SO/GI and other suggestions were reviewed and considered.

Ultimately, a decision had to be made it, even though there did not appear to be any options that truly fit our entire criteria. While discussion is ongoing and no one can say what the future holds - WikiQueer was selected as the best option. This was also consistant with Aequalitas Project's commitment to reclaiming the word queer with other programs such as the Queer Camp Alliance.