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WikiQueer Content Partners

Content Partners are projects and organizations working with the LGBTQ community that are dedicated to the development of WikiQueer.


Participants receive:

  • Assistance registering their staff and lead volunteers
  • Special recognition for their contributions
  • Opportunity to participate on the WikiQueer Global Advisory Board


Content Partners can contribute to the success of WikiQueer in a variety of ways. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sharing your resources on WikiQueer
  • Developing content
  • Getting the word about WikiQueer out
  • Helping develop strategic plans
  • Suggesting new initiatives
  • Developing or presenting online trainings


Any non-profit organization, media outlet, education institution, or research firm working positively with the LGBTQ community is eligible to be a Content Partner. Exceptions for corporate or unique organization structures will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Final approval of all Content Partners is made by The Aequalitas Project in consultation with the WikiQueer Global Advisory Board.

Inaugural Member Designation

Inaugural Content Partner Designation
Inaugural Content Partner Designation

Content Partners that join prior to or during the soft launch will be designated Inaugural Content Partners and receive special recognition.

Becoming a Content Partner

Any organization interested in being a content partner should contact us. Please be sure to mention the username you selected when registering your WikiQueer account.

Current Content Partners


  1. WikiQueer has partnerships with independent entities within Wikimedia, such as Wikimania and the Wikimedia LGBT Outreach Project. These do not involve any partnership or imply a relationship with the Wikimedia Foundation or other legal entities within the Wikimedia movement. Visit this Wikimedia Meta article for more information on the Wikimedia movement and Wikimedia Foundation.