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I'm floating on air.

Queer youth advocate, Wikipedian, WikiQueerian, policy wonk, tech geek, Episcopalian & video gamer - among other things I'm sure I could add if I was a bigger fan of writing about myself. Face-grin expert.svg
WikiGregory In a Nutshell

My WikiQueer Life
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My Non-WikiQueer Life
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Random Other Stuff
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This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
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The West Wing.
TDS This user watches the most trusted name in fake news.
There are
types of people. Those who read binary and those who don't

The Aequalitas Project
The Aequalitas Project is a nonprofit organization serving as an incubator for new progressive programs that show great potential. The Aequalitas Project focuses on the ideas which show promise and takes them from early development stages to programs sustainable over the long-term.
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The history being made in New York, challenges brewing in California, threats growing in Michigan, progress being made in our nation's capital, exciting news that public acceptance of same-sex marriage is on the rise paired with tragic news that one in four queer youth are homeless - all leave me increasingly confident that the time is right, maybe even past due, for WikiQueer.
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However, the extent of WikiQueer's success depends on individuals such as yourself. Without the support of volunteers, donors, vendors, organizations and leaders - WikiQueer will not gain the momentum to reach its full potential. For our part, The Aequalitas Project, WikiQueer Global Advisors and Content Partners are committed to seeing this endeavor through. On the date of WikiQueer's soft launch, over 11,000 pages - consuming almost 350MB of database space - were prepared to assist you with things like creating new articles, seeking help, using templates and respecting copyrights. Now it's up to you to join us with contributions of your time, knowledge, talent and dollars.

Pieces of Flair
My User Page on Wikimedia Projects
(Please note my accounts on WikiQueer and Wikipedia are my primary user pages)
My User Page on Other Wikis
(Please note my accounts on WikiQueer and Wikipedia are my primary user pages)
Special Thank You
Please indulge me in exerting a little founder's prerogative by extending a special thank you to these individuals, in no particular order, for their contributions to the founding and development of WikiQueer:
  • My family, especially:
    • Bobby Proffer
    • Linda Varnum
    • Steven Varnum
    • Douglas Varnum
    • Carrie Filion
    • Dave Filion
    • Carrie Proffer
  • The Aequalitas Project team, especially:
    • Jeffrey Montgomery
    • John Allen
    • Michael Lester
    • Jeffrey Luttermoser
    • Rev. JoAnn Slater
  • WikiQueer Global Advisory Board
  • Cathy McElrath Renna
  • Leah McElrath Renna
  • Michael Rogers
  • Jim Lessenberry
  • Stuart Milk
  • Richard and everyone at Host4u2
  • Team at Linode
  • Support team at DreamHost
  • Mark Dilley
  • Aaron Sorkin
  • Steve Jobs