The Bilerico Project

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The Bilerico Project
Founded September 25, 2004
Founder Bil Browning
Headquarters Washington, DC, United States
Key people Bil Browning, Editor-in-Chief
Jerame Davis, Co-Owner and Webmaster
Dr. Jillian T. Weiss, Associate Editor
Owner Bil Browning and Jerame Davis
Slogan "daily experiments in LGBTQ"
Alexa rank decrease 111,354 (September 2011)[1]
Type of site LGBT News & blogging
Registration Optional
Available in English
Launched 1998 as a personal website - 2004 as a blog
Current status Active
Screenshot of The Bilerico Project homepage

The Bilerico Project is a United States LGBT news group blog with dozens of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and genderqueer contributors.

While Bilerico does include shorter news posts, it focuses on longer political commentaries, essays, and cultural examinations.[2]

History[edit] (before it became The Bilerico Project) was originally founded in 1998 as the personal website of Bil Browning. It had many incarnations until 2004, when it was redesigned into a blog for the first time. In 2005, was reborn and expanded to become a group blog focusing on Hoosier and LGBT politics and quickly became the premier political blog in Indiana.

In 2007, Browning and his partner, Jerame Davis, teamed up with Alex Blaze to re-brand and re-launch the site with a national focus and call it The Bilerico Project. The site exploded in popularity in 2008 and Bilerico has continued to expand each year.[2]